chimar hellas


Description of activities 

CHIMAR HELLAS SA is an innovative company active internationally in the industrial research, development and exploitation of competitive technology for the industrial production of adhesives and related chemicals. These products are applied in the industrial production of composite wood panels (MDF, particleboard, OSB, plywood, impregnation papers, etc.). The company focuses on the development of human- and environment-friendly products and technologies according to the principles of sustainable development. CHIMAR has facilities in Northern Greece, in ​​Thessaloniki area, which include a chemical-technical laboratory, administration offices, a pilot plant for resin production, a pilot plant for panel production, and a manufacturing unit for chemicals production upon demand. Its human resources comprise highly trained scientists, with knowledge, skills and unique expertise in the field. The company is currently formed by a dynamic team of 30 people and has 97% export revenues and more than 40 years of experience. Its technology is protected via patents and trade secrets and has been applied so far in over 100 industrial plants, in more than 40 countries around the world.

Specifically, the fields of activity of CHIMAR are:

• Industrial research, development and exploitation of innovative and competitive technology (via licensing) for the industrial production of chemicals and adhesives and their application in the composite wood panel industry satisfying the most stringent standards.
• Technical Support (remotely and on site) and training of the personnel of adhesive resins and wood panel industries.
• R&D services to third parties, development of products and technologies at laboratory / pilot and industrial scale.
• Participation in funded collaborative research projects (National & European) with focus on the development and promotion of green, human- and environment-friendly technologies and products.

• Production of chemical products for the industry on demand (e.g. resin catalysts).
• Measurements, analyses, tests and evaluation of adhesive resins, chemical additives and composite wood panels based on international standards.
• Accredited measurements: CHIMAR laboratory is the only accredited laboratory in Greece (ELOT EN ISO 17025), for the measurement of formaldehyde in wood products, according to the methods EN ISO 12460-3 and 5.
• Representation, distribution and installation of industrial systems for prevention and protection against fire and explosions.

Project manager:

Papadopoulou Electra
Senior Researcher

Tel: +30 2310 424167
Email: Papadopoulou@ari.gr
Website:  www.chimarhellas.com

2nd Partner: AUTh


Description of activities

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Laboratory of X-rays, Visual Characterization and Thermal Analysis-Department of Physics

Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers and Paints - Department of Chemistry

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest Greek university. It includes a total of 10 faculties, consisting of 40 departments and 1 one-department faculty. The Physics Department of the School of Sciences is one of the oldest and largest departments, both in staff and students, as well as in scientific and research activities and distinctions. The Department of Chemistry covers almost all the educational and research fields of the subject of Chemistry and holds a leading position among the respective departments of the country.

The research interests of the "Laboratory of X-Rays, Visual Characterization and Thermal Analysis" of the Department of Physics headed by Professor K. Chryssafis, focus on the thermal analysis and characterization of materials with techniques such as FTIR - UV / VIS spectroscopy, the study of the structure by X-ray spectroscopy, the study of the microstructure of materials by electron microscopy, the study of surfaces by scanning electron microscopy, the measurements of thermal conductivity, the composition-modification and characterization of materials in technical applications.

The research interests of the "Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers and Paints", of the Department of Chemistry, headed by Professor D. Bikiaris, focus on chemistry and polymer technology (composition, characterization, applications of polymers, modification and optimization of polymers, mathematical models of polymerization reactions), preparation of polymers from renewable materials and biodegradable polymers and study of the rate of biodegradation, recycling of polymers, study of thermal and thermo-oxidative stability of polymers, development and study of composite and nanocomposite materials, preparation and study of 3-dimensional materials.

The two research labs of AUTH cooperate very closely in recent years and have scientific knowledge experience and abundant scientific equipment, which are complementary and necessary for the implementation of the project. The fruit of this collaboration is the publication of over 100 papers in international journals and conferences.

Project Managers:

Konstantinos Chryssafis                        Dimitrios Bikiaris

Professor                                             Professor

Tel. +30 2310 998188                          Tel. +30 2310 997812

Email: hrisafis@physics.auth.gr            Email: dbic@chem.auth.gr

https://www.auth.gr/school/physics/     https://bikiarislab.wixsite.com/bikiarislab


3rd Partner: PHEE I.K.E.



Description of activities

PHEE valorises natural wastes as main raw materials for the development of natural materials and finished products, competing the conventional materials in all aspects, from their cost sustainability up to customer satisfaction and their environmental footprint. The main aim of PHEE is the utilization of the dead leaves of the marine plant Posidonia Oceanica. PHEE products also aim to replace part of the timber industry products, further reducing the environmental footprint.

The company has developed and patented an innovative method for converting a raw material (Posidonia Oceanica), which is considered a waste, into an innovative recyclable composite material. The company has already developed composite panel products and has promoted in the Greek market objects and useful products. The PHEE-board is a new natural product based on cellulose, which can be used to develop final products of high added value and its production capacity amounts to 4000m2 per year.

At the core of PHEE activities stand sustainability and social economy. PHEE aims to reduce the volume of waste by producing environmentally and human-friendly products, that can be integrated into the everyday life of all people and can be fully recycled.

Project Manager:
Dr. Nikolaos Athanasopoulos
Co-founder PHEE I.K.E & R&D Manager 
Tel: +30 2613 023 239